Visa and Permits

For entering Kyrghyzstan you need the following documents:

Visa If you live in one of these countries Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), China (Beijing), Germany (Bonn,Frankfurt a/M), India (Delhi), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Switzerland (Geneva), Turkey (Ankara,Istanbul), United Kingdom (London), USA (Washington), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), you can get visa in embassies or diplomatic representatives of Kyrghyzstan situated there. If you haven't got such an opportunity you have to send us the following data: full name, date/place of birth, passport number, date/place of issue and date of expiry, nationality and residence, to our company and we open it here. After arrival at the airport "Manas" you pay for visa $ 70 per person in the visa department. After you pass the custom and immigration our represantative will meet you.

Police registration. All the foreigners have to get police ragistration during three days after arrival in Bishkek. We'll handle this for you.

About tourizm in Kyrghyzstan. If you'd like to have trekking, hiking in nature reserves on the territory of Kyrghyzstan you need ecological permit. State Tour Agency has the following quotes: three days trip in reserve - $10 per person, more than three days - $30 per person. If your route is in the border zone of Kyrghyzstan it's necessary to get permit to the border zone. To get this kind of permit you must send us your passport data before one month before your arrival.

About mountaineering in Kyrghyzstan. For climbing such peaks as Lenin, Khan-Tengry, Pobeda you need permit for climbing. You can get it in State Tour Agency. It'll cost you $ 110 per summit.

About insurance. For a visit to the Kyrgyz Republic a life, health and property insurance is needed. Before departure for the mountaineering expeditions we need a copy of your documents, including the insurance policies. Without these copies a rescue company has no guarantee of payment and, in case of an accident, will not be able to arrange its work.


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