Crossing the river at Kamchatka.

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Yegor Churakov

Yegor Churakov
The founder and the director

Organized and managed the great number of the expeditions on the Caucasus, Tien Shan, the Pamirs, Kamchatka, Vrangel Island, Mongolia, mountain ascents on mt.Elbrus, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, in California, Scotland and Nepal Himalaya. He is the head of St. Petersburg office.


Vladimir Stolyarov
The guide and destination manager

A professional photographer since 1992 he joined the Union of Russian Photo Artists but first he became the member of the Russian Geographic Society. Vladimir graduated the Mining Institute of St.Petersburg and took part in many expeditions on the Caucasus, Tien-Shan, the Altai, the Sayan, Kodar Mountain Range, Spitzbergen, Under-Polar Urals and archeologocal excavations in the Crimea. He is a talented photographer, his photos are available online.

Vladimir Stolarov

Aza Magomedova

Aza Magomedova
Destination manager

MBA, experienced participant of a few Polar expeditions, Aza has led expeditions and worked as a tour leader in Indian Himalaya, Tibet, Southern India and other uncommon destinations. Aza looks after accounting in the St.Petersburg office.


Denis Yasinko
Incoming travel department

As a graduate of Leningrad State University with a Master's Degree in Translation and cross-cultural communication, Denis is your perfect inbound travel manager. Since 2010 he's been handling our group programs on the Caucasus. As a tour-leader he accompanied groups in Russia, US, Nepal, Venezuela, Peru and New Zealand.


Olga Stepanova
Soltan Kachkarov, a local mountain guide, member of the Elbrus Rescue Team

Vladimir Gonchar, Climbing and Ski-tour Guide on the Caucasus.

Vladimir's Mountaineering experience dates back to 1981 when he started attending Donetsk University Mountaineering club. In 1990 he began to work as a climbing guide. He has led many successful ascents on mt.Elbrus and took part in several national expeditions in the Pamirs, Tien Shan and the Himalaya. He looks after the operations on Mt. Elbrus ski-tour and climbing programs.


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