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The 94 percent of the country is covered with mountains that rank among the highest in the world, reaching altitudes of more than 7000 meters above sea level. Kyrgyzstan is committed to its future biosphere reserve abounding with flora and fauna: Particularly in the country's eastern part the traveler will find lawns covered with edelweiss, watch the ibex and the legendary Marco Polo sheep and - although with some good luck, gaze at the rare show leopard. The country enjoys hot , dry summers ( continental weather ), which alternate with cold winters and happy with 250 days of sunshine throughout the year. Kyrgyzstan has a unique lifestyle, for Kyrgyz were nomads long, before the nomads of modern times traveled through the world.

The grit is the most conspicuous, symbol of this way of life - best to be seen in Kukjiugk region, south of Lake Issyk - Kul. A Silk Road country, whose natural landmarks and scenic points perfectly contrast with, let's say, nei ouring Uzbekistan's architectural gems, Kyrgyzstan nevertheless boasts impressive historic relics related to the ancient Steppe Route. Examples are:the Burana Tower south of Tokmak, which reminds of glory of middle - age Balasagun city, the rock picture of the Buddan at Issyk - Ata gorge ( 70 kilometers east of Bishkek ), the burial mound at Santash, the Manas Mausoleum on the Kenkol river near Talas the cities of Osh (Sulaiman Hill) Uzgen (ancient mausoleum and minaret) and Naryn, once important trading places on the Silk Roads, Tash Rabat, a former caravanserai with
31 rooms, not to forget the
prehistoric petroglyphs near Cholpon Ata on Issyk - Kul lake.

Kyrghyzstan rich nature, the sublime and engimatic Tian-Shan have always attracted scientists and explorers. One of them wrote as far back as the 7 -th century: "The snow that has accumulated here since the origination of the world has furned into ice blocks and melts neither in spring nor in summer"
Many foreign guests visit Kyrghyzstan nowadays.

Kyrgyzstan is unique in its potential for adventure holidays and nature tourism: Mountaineering, trekking, horseback riding, caving, river rafting, rock climbing, skiing are only a few pastimes visitors may indulge in. Kyrtyldak Boorsok, and Finally, Kyrgyzstan boasts a very particular cuisine: Whoever tasted Beshbarmak, Manty ,sipped Kumys milk, will know "Old Central Asia Hands" once survived.


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