Kamchatka: where the Earth bares its soul

Tour to Karymsky volcano

The "Fire Ring" route

This is a relatively short and young volcano, the most active one in Kamchatka. There have been 23 eruptions in this century only, the latest one started in 1996 and was going on for two years gradually fading. The eruptions of Karymsky are accompanied with bursts and throw-outs of ash and bombs going out from the central crater, with lava effusing. As a rule, the lavas of Karymsky are so glutinous that the flaming torrents do not always reach the foot of the volcano. The latest eruption of the volcano would have been like any other one, but it was different coinciding with an under-water eruption in the Karymsky lake that is 6 km away from the volcano. It lasted no more than 18-20 hours, but that short period included over 100 under-water bursts each accompanied with waves tsunami 15 meters high. The lake was actually boiling. The temperature went up rapidly, and salt and acid components reached the concentration that killed all the life in the lake including the school of "kokani", a lake species of sock-eye salmon cultivated by ichthyologists in the Karymsky lake. As a result of this eruption, the Karymsky lake that used to be ultra-fresh turned into the biggest natural reservoir of acid water in the world. 

4 days, 3 nights

Grade of difficultyeasy

Land cost:  $2050 per person in a group of 6.

The price includes: airport transfers, heliflight expenses, English-speaking guide-scientist, kitchen crew, all the meals, camping stuff and tents.

Domestic flight (if any) airfare, Russian visa, over luggage if any, personal expenses, tips and medical insurance are not included.


  • unique experience of watching eruption in action,
  • observation of thermal and radon springs and high waterfalls in complete wilderness,
  • rewarding natural history excursions with science experts,
  • bird flight view down to the crater's lake from helicopter.



Day 1. Transfer from hotel to the helicopter ground. Helicopter flight to Karymsky volcano (45 min.). Flying above Karymsky volcano and the Karymsky Lake. Landing in the Karymsky river valley (5 km from the volcano). Overnight in tents (900 m). Excursion along the Karymsky valley, observation of thermal and radon springs and old lava flows of Karymsky volcano - 3 hours.

Day 2. Excursion to the Karymsky Lake, observation of thermal springs, swimming in the Karymsky river - 3 hours. Return to the camp. Lunch. Excursion to the Karymsky riverís waterfalls, including the highest 30 m waterfall - 2 hours.
Day 3. Excursion to the Karymsky volcano - 8 hours. Observation of lava flows and bombs of previous eruptions and Karymsky caldera. Return to the BC.
Day 4. Second excursion in the Karymsky river valley, a lecture about natural history of the volcano. Departure by helicopter to Petropavlovsk- -Kamchatsky. On the way flying above Maly Semiachik volcano with acid crater lake. Transfer Airport-Hotel.
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Tour to Karymsky volcano
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Crater of the Gorely volcano with the lake in it

Night "bombing" during eruption

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