Kamchatka: where the Earth bares its soul

Kamchatka Image Gallery

Some of Wild Russia Trips to Kamchatka

"Bears and volcanoes" trip, July 2005, photos by Vladimir Stolyarov.

"Bears and volcanoes" trip, July 2005, photos by our customers.

Tailor made itinerary, 2005, photos by our customers.

"Bears and volcanoes" trip, August 2003.

The Fire Ring, 2001

Report from 2001 expedition.

Report from 2000 expedition.

Report from 1999 expedition.

The Kamchatka Peninsula

Photos from the "Miracles of Kamchatka" albom by Andrey Nechaev

Tolbachik eruption 1975 The rarest orchid of Kamchatka: large flowered slipper The master of Kamchatka The clay of mud cauldrons
The Geyser Malachite Grotto Kamchatka summer landscape Steller's Sea Eagle: the ancient Kamchatka dweller A bear waylaying a school
A black bear with white claws Kluchevskoy volcano eruption Kamchatka tall herbs A small mud volcano
Basic food stuff - red salmon! Sunrise at Lake Kurilskoye A bear's dream Night Bombing
Ilynsky Volcano at sunset in winter 11 km diameter Uzon Caldera - a small universe Stream Vodopadnyi (38 &° C) in the Valley of Geysers In the Valley of Geysers
Berry tundra in autumn A view from helicopter to the Avacha crator Bear's troffy Kluchevskoy eruption in 1993
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The Fire Ring
Bears and  Volcanoes
Trekking to the Nalychevo Valley
Rafting Bystraya River
Kamchatka Odyssey
Tour to Karymsky volcano
Komandorsky Islands Adventure


Crater of the Gorely volcano with the lake in it

Crater of the Gorely volcano with the lake in it

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