Lake Baikal.

Baikal: the world's deepest lake

Lake Baikal classic. The tour combines visiting Olkhon island (aka Olhon), motor boat trips along Lake Baikal coastline, Round Baikal Railroad excursion, trekking to 19th century gold mines, and Irkutsk sightseeing. Read more...
Magical Olkhon. The best way to explore the lake is certainly to go by motor boat to Olkhon island - the heart of Lake Baikal, center of Shaman culture in Buryatia. Sparsely inhabited, this island is considered to be the most beautiful place on the Lake Baikal. Also it is a good place for outdoor activities like biking, horse riding and hiking. Read more...
Baikal mix 3 in 1. This 7-day tour combines adventure with exploration of the Lake Baikal: 1 day hiking and 2 days rafting in Sayan mountains, excursion to Round Baikal Railway and sightseeing in Irkutsk. Read more...
Hot breathing of Sayan mountains. Hot springs of Shumak are hidden from outside world by Tunki golets - mountain range 2000 m asl, but they are famous far outside Lake Baikal region for their healing force. After 7 days trekking in Tunkinsky Nationl Park you will return back to the Lake Baikal to take one day rest and then come to Ulan Ude to explore the city and visit Ivolginsky Datzan - center of Buddhism in Russia. Read more...
Experience in Orkho-Bom canyon. Rafting down Oka - aka as Akha and Okha - river and Orkho-bom canyon is exiting experience - you will see magnificent landscapes of East Sayan mountains, run numerous rapids and enjoy quiet evenings beside campfire. Read more...
The view of Lake Baikal from the space.
The view of Baikal from the space


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The view of the lake Baikal.

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