The Treasures of Altai

Grade of difficultymoderate

Season: July to September

The temperature in the summer is: 20-30 in the forest zone, 15-20 in alpine meadow zone, 0 and below at the glaziers.

Group: 7 pax

Land cost:  $1870 per personin a grous of 6 pax

Distance covered by vehicle: 1500 km.

Distance covered by water: 80 km.

Accommodation in the tents. In some places the cabins are available at the extra charge.

No special physical training required.

The price includes: 1 night of accommodation in Barnaul, hotels “Barnaul” or “Tsentralnaya”; all transfers according to the itinerary on the private minivan, airport transfer; camping gear (double occupancy tents, mats, light portable furniture, lights, kitche utensils), including the transfer of those with the separate vehicle; local guides along the route; the “Wild Russia” tour leader along the route; FB on the route, from the Cherniy Anuy village (day 1) to the Artybash village (day 10).

The flight to and from Barnaul (from $520); overweight in the plane; medical and accident insurance; encephalitis and other vaccinations; extra alcohol; the changes to the itinerary, that would cause the raise of the price; other items not listed in “cost includes” section are not included.

The special itinerary designed for those who want to maximize the experience in the short time period. The route shows all climate zones of Altai from the pine forests to the high ranges and glaciers. Over the short time you’ll see the Katun, Chuya and Chulyshman rivers valleys, Kuray alpine prairie, North-Chuy range glaciers, “The Red Gate”, Ulagan pass, and the gem of Altai – Teletskoye lake. We shall visit the ancient artifacts: petroglyphs, the world known Pazyryk barrows, the burials of the ancient Turk people, Denis cave – the unique archeological site. All the best of Altai in just 11 days.

12 days, 11 nights


Extra possibilities: Rafting at the low Chulyshman river. The program will be 2-4 days longer.



Day 1. Arrive Barnaul early in the morning. Breakfast. Minibus transfer to the Chernyi Anuy village. The tour of the Museum cave in the evening. You need to have the flashlights and the extra batteries set. The Museum cave is a usual “wild” cave, but unlike the other it can be visited by the non-professionals. You’ll see the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites surrounded by the wild bats. The cave has two entrances 0,8 to 2,6 meters wide and 0,5 meters high. It is 33 meters deep and 850 meters long. The tour is 4 hours long.
Day 2. Right near the museum cave the Dennis cave is located. It has the artifacts of the ancient people who lived over 300 000 years ago. If desired, you may visit the Shinok waterfall, with cascades 3 to 70 meters high. On the way you’ll have to cross the shallow of the river 16 times. The tour is 6 hours long.
Day 3. Minibus transfer to the mouth of the Maliy Yaloman river. The road passes the spectacular landscapes with the numerous photo and video opportunities. On the way we’ll go through the Keley, Yabogan and Chike-Taman passes. The Russian banya in the evening.
Day 4. The transfer from the Malaya Yaloman river – the Chuya river – the Aktru gorge. On the road between the Inya and Iodoro villages you can see about 10 km of petroglyphs, over 3 000 drawings, from the bronze age to the middle ages, including 20 runic ancient turk inscriptions. This place is called Kalbak-Tash. After the road passes the beautiful Chuya river valley. The rocks of the gorge are of the different colors. Many of them, like the Beliy Bom have their own history. On the way you’ll have the time to see the petroglyphs and the ancient stone monuments, called the stone Molly.
Day 5. Depending on the weather the trip to the Small Aktru glacier (6 km) of the high moraine mountain Blue Lake (12 km). You’ll see the spectacular snow covered summits and glaciers. The bottom of the Small Aktru glacier is at 2215 m, so it can be seen from the valley. The Aktru range has the thickest ice in Altai – at the Big Aktru ice is up to 350 m thick. The highest point is the Aktru-Bash summit (4100 m). Overnight in the base camp. Banya.
Day 6. Transfer to the Chulcha river. In the beginning we’ll decent from Ak-Tru, after the pink cliffs will surround the road. They are called the Red Gate. In the evening we’ll see the Cheybekkyol lake (also called the Dean Lkae, since in has no fish and the wild birds never land there, and few other nice lakes on the plateau; and the valley with the Pazyryk barrows. Those are the ritual burials of the tribe leaders, dating to the 5-3 century BC. Over about 3 km we’ll have to walk, since the road is not very safe for the car, and descent to the Chulyshman valley, that looks like the canyon with many waterfalls on the sides.
Day 7. The walk to the Chulcha river waterfall. Uchal is the biggest waterfall in Altai, it is over 160 m high. The waterfall is really strong and magnificent. The way to it is not easy at all. You’ll have to cross three fast rivers, the Chulcha feeders, over the log bridges.
Day 8. The transfer to the Chebdar and Bashkaus rivers merger (23 km). The rivers merge in the narrow gorge. The road from the Bashkaus river valley to the Chebdar river valley passes through the high mountain crest, from there you can see the spectacular panorama of the gorge. Overnight in the tents.
Day 9. The last day in the van. Transfer to the Kyrsya cape at the south coast of the Teletskoye lake. The lake was names after the telets tribe that use to live at the coat. It also has another name – Altyn-Kel, which means the Golden lake. This name originates from the Altai legend.
Day 10. Fast boat transfer from cape Kyrsay to the Artybash village (78 km). Teletskoys lake is often called the younger brother of Baikal. The size of the lake is 230,8 sq. km, the depth is up to 325 meters. About 300 rivers feed the lake and only one – the Biya, is fed by it. On the way the visit to the Stone Bay and Korbu waterfall (12 m). Banya. Dinner.
Day 11. After the breakfast the minibus departure to Barnaul. Arrive about 19.00. Overnight in the hotel.
Day 12. Transfer to the airport. Departure to St. Petersburg.
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The Treasures of Altai.






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