Mt. Belukha (4506m) Ascent

The "Fire Ring" route

Grade of difficultyIFAS PD+ (NCCS III; RUS 2B; 35-45°; 1300m)

Season: July to September

Group: 6 pax

Land cost:  6 pax $1240 per person

The price includes:
all the meals, accommodations, transport, wranglers and guides services, interpreter, tents en route, camping and kitchen stuff.

Domestic flight airfare; Over luggage if any; Personal gear rent; Personal expenses; Tips; Medical insurance are not included.

There are some days of moderate to strenuous hiking on varied terrain and some days of mountain climbing which requires good physical condition and mountaineering skills (using ropes, crampons, etc.) Mt.Belukha climb is of 3A rate (In Russian climbing route rating system the overall grade of a route is defined within a scale of 1 to 6, with subdivisions A and B).

Maximum altitude gain is 1000 m. a day.

The guests either carry all their personal belongings plus 4-5 kg. of communal equipment (tents, cooking pots, gas) and food for 4-5 days. Another option is to hire horses for the luggage transportation.

14 days, 13 nights



Day 1. Arrival to Barnaul, transfer to Tiungur village, at Vysotnik base camp, 850 m. Sauna, a welcome dinner with "Wild Russia" guides. Overnight at cottadge.
Day 2. Trekking to Ak-kem base camp (1900 m). The route is along the path via Kuzuyak pass to Ak-kem river. Overnight at the tents. Food is cooked on the fire.
Day 3. Trekking to Ak-kem base camp (1900 m). Along Ak-kem river (1100 m) to Ak-kem base camp (1900 m).
Day 4. Acclimatization climb. Ice-and-snow training. Return to base camp Ak-kem.
Day 5. Acclimatization ascent to Mt. Ak-ojouk (3400 m) (2A). Return to base camp Ak-kem.
Day 6. Start the ascent of Mt. Belukha. Trekking base camp Ak-kem – “Tomskie Nochevki” (3000 m) (it takes 6-7 hours). We walk in the forest along the Ak-kem river and then along the waterlogged flood-lands of Ak-kem lake. We proceed further and reach the moraine and then the glacier. Overnight in tents at the place named “Tomskie Nochevki”. The two mountain tops – Eastern Belukha (4506 m) and Western Belukha (4400 m) serve as the reference-points.
Day 7. Early start. Climb to Delone pass (3400 m). The mountain pass Delone represents a snow-ice slope of 40° steep with the length of 300 m, (5-6 fixed ropes). Descent to Mensu glacier and then ascent to the plateau over Berelskoye Saddle mountain pass (3520 m). Overnight in tents on the glacier.
Day 8. Summit attempt. Mount Belukha (4506 m), with its impressive two-crest body, abundance of snow, severity and steepness of ice and snow walls, is undoubtedly the most beautiful and interesting mountain top of the Altai range. The start is at 6 in the morning. We fix 6 ropes to the Belukhinsky pass (3A) and climb the pass, then passing 350 meters along the ridge we are at the summit. The way back is the same with fixed ropes.
Day 9. Backup days in case of bad weather.
Day 10. Descend to "Tomskie nochevki" is the same way of ascent. Descend the Delone pass using fixed ropes.
Day 11. Return to the base camp Ak-kem. Rest at the base camp.
Day 12. From base camp Ak-kem trek to the base camp Vysotnik, via Karature pass. Descent to Tekelu river. (Option: extra day trek to Kucherla Lake).
Day 13. Along Kucherla river trek to the base camp Vysotnik. We have the opportunity to take the sauna, to unpack our luggage and to prepare for the departure.
Day 14. Transfer to Barnaul city.
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