Excercise Siberian Challenge

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Joint British Army and Russian Emercom adventure expedition

More pictures from Training in Scotland

Climbing Edinbourgh Castle



Meeting the Russian Consul during the Enlaunching of the Excercise


Russian Emercom members during Excercise Enlaunching Furchett in the Castle


Vladimir Legoshin, the leader of the Emercom team and Yakutian members of the Russian Team

During the excursion in the Castle
Sightseeing tour


Russians are discussing the action plan



Russian Emercom members are visiting Oban

International X-Ski Competition at the Glen More Lodge
On the x-ski race


On the x-ski race



Meeting with RAF Mountain Rescue

Truly international conversation
Soldier's songs


In a cave on top of Cairngorm mountain



Wild Russia Consultants on the top of Cairngorm

Airbornes are always ready
Tim Bird and Yegor Churakov at the Climbing Wall in Irveness


Nevy Seeking helicopter during the rescue excercise



Emercom and Glen Coe MRT on top of Stabnachlochen, Glen Coe

The navy helicopter is ready for take-off
Russian National Television Channel 1 reporting from the excercise


At the end of snow survival excercises


Glen Coe MRT members


One of two crashed helmets on the excercise
Enroute on Ben Nevis



Andy from MRT on the edge of Stabnachlochen


Fighting on Green Gully at Ben Nevis


Night Mountain Rescue Presentation




During the night rescue presentation



Last day in the Barracks in Edinbourgh


Russian rescue airborne


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