On the wat to the summit.

Elbrus, the highest summit of Europe



Hotel Povorot is located at the base of Cheget in the popular ski area. This hotel provides the best combination of quality versus price. It is avalanche safe. Hotel Povorot


Barrels (also known as Bochki) is name of hotel situated just at the "Garabashi" station. Here a dozen of big metallic cylinders lying horizontally provides a comfortable and warm enough refuge with electric light for some 50 persons. This hotel is the base for Elbrus ascents. Barrels


Priut of the 11 (Shelter of the Eleven), used to be the most elevated mountain hotel in the world. Constructed in 1932 on altitude of 4160m, this three floor streamline shaped building on the concrete substructure used to accommodate some one and half hundreds climbers and skiers simultaneously. On the 16th of August 1998, a group of climbers were cooking up a meal there. Although it could house some 150 visitors the hut only had a tiny cramped kitchen with one gas cooker with four rings. As a result the climbers were using their own stove. As luck would have it this went out of control and in the ensuing panic someone grabbed a nearby container of what was thought to be water and poured it onto the stove. The liquid in the container was not water but fuel. In the resulting fire several people suffered slight injuries but one person, abseiling from an upper window after breaking the glass, fell and was seriously injured. Thus the Priut's fifty nine years of service came to an end. All that remained was a skeleton of the main metal structure. Now this is just a big landmark.

The little Diesel Hut appeared next to Priut some time after the fire. At present it is used for the accommodation of climbers as well.

Priut after the fire.



Diesel Hut


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