Crossing the river at Kamchatka.

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1992 Expedition to Tien-Shan with a group from the U.K.

  • Expedition to Alla-Archa, Kirghizia, with the Oban mountaineering club, Scotland;
  • Holidays for the President of the British Mountaineering Council, Ian McNaught Davis and the president of the U.I.A.A Pietro Sagantini;
  • A trip to Kirghizia for a missionary group from Misissipi.
    1994 Leadership of two helicopter expeditions to Kamchatka, the Commodor's and Wrangel Islands.

    1995 Expeditions to the Caucasus, the Altai and Kamchatka for several groups from U.K. and Germany.

    1996 This was the year that Wild Russia won a grant for an internship with the American travel companies Boojum Expeditions (MT), Mountain Madness (Seattle), Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides (CA).

    1997 Assistance on the trip "Saddles and Paddles" organized by Boojum Expeditions to lake Hovsgol, Mongolia.

    1998 Consulting "Condaneste Travel" Magazine on the journeys to Kamchatka. Mentioning of the companies activities in the mag.
    General agreement with the Royal Logistic Corps (England) on the consulting and liason of a millennium project "Siberian Soldier 2000", the progect aims to reach the Cherskiy Mountains in Yakutia by overland from London and to climb untouched peaks in the area.

    1999 "WR" becomes a travel agent of the Royal Logistic Corps and presents the interest of the Siberian Soldier 2000 in front of the Russian Military Headquarters and other official institutions.
    Siberian Soldier 2000 receives the patronage of the Princess Royal (Princess Ann) and the patronage of Dr. Arthur Chillingarov, the Vice-Speaker of the Russian Duma. Through liason of "WR" a general agreement of the military co-operation with In-Land Army Headquarters has been obtained.
    A recce to Yakutia for the SS2K organising committee has been arranged.

    2000 A grant for visiting Boston from IREX and WorldBoston public organization in the frame of the program "Business for Russia".
    A trip to Kamchatka for the members of the BBC World Services Moscow.
    Consulting of the "Outside" magazine on travel facilities on Kamchatka. Mentioning "WR" as a ground tour operator on Kamchatka in "Outside" mag.
    Arrangement a trip to the Altai mountains for a researcher-writer of the well-known "Let's Go" budget travel guide book.

    Five years of successful co-operation with "Mountain Madness Ltd." on the Mt.Elbrus ascents.

    2001 Final success of bureocratic wall-breaking with Russian Military and enlaunching the Siberian Challenge expedition of 50 Russian and 30 British members. The "WR" flag on the top of remote peak Pobeda on Cherskiy has been installed. The Princess Royal greetings and other official ceremonies in the British Embassy in Moscow.
    2002 Presentation of the Siberian Challenge in the Royal Geographical Society in London.

    New project of corporate team building division has been enlauched. Arrangement of Dr. Jeff Salz, the auther of The Way of Adventure visit to St.Petersburg and Moscow. Meeting with SPIBA and European Club.


    Corporate team building division started the year round activity.

    2004 The new destination - Lake Baikal was introduced.

    The team building division launches the broad insentive program for international companies in Russia.

    We started the trips on Trans Siberian railway.

    2006 The launch of new programs in Altay, Kirgizia, Russian North.
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