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Winter in the Karelian istmus and other St. Petersburg neighbourhood
Pictures by Vladimir Stolyarov, the Wild Russia photographer

Here are some slides taken during last two winters.

Other pictures by V.S.:
Kamchatka: "Bears and volcanoes" trip run in 2003,
the Altai mountains
the Sayan mountains,
St. Petersburg , iceclimbing
in the Karelian istmus

Benua family house
Summer house of Benua family
on the shore of the Gulf of Finland 
Korela fortress
Korela fortress in Priozersk,
former Kecksgolm (1)
Korela fortress (2), the Vuoksa river
Korela fortress and the Vuoksa river in Priozersk (2)
Korela fortress (3)
Korela fortress in Priozersk,
former Kecksgolm (3)
The Vuoksa river
The Vuoksa river in Priozersk, former Kecksgolm
Ruins in Alexandrovsky park,
the town of Pushkin.
Winter noon in a forest
The 1st of January:

the sun stands low.
Russian house. Karelian istmus.
Typical russian house in Orehovo, the Karelian istmus.
Korela fortress (4)
Korela fortress in Priozersk,
former Kecksgolm (4)

More winter pictures will be added on this page soon.

In the nearest future will be uploaded pictures by V.S. from the Hymalayas (2003),
the lake Baikal and Irkutsk (2001), the Under- Polar Urals (1999),  
the Kodar Mountain Ridge (1998), Tadjikistan (1997),
Spitsbergen (1991),  the Tyan-Shan (1989) and different regions of Russia.

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